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Boot Camp classes to help improve  fit ness and conditioning for:

Chesterfield/ St. Louis County area (location can vary a bit) (call /email to inquire)


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 Assault Fitness Boot Camps offer the highest quality fitness boot camps in the St. Louis area. Safety and proper exercise Progression  are of primary concern in our program design. Another key component of our boot camps is Intensity! Our programs are all effort based and constructed to challenge all attendees to their fullest! The last key difference with Assault Fitness Boot Camps is our old school approach. Our Boot Camps are Military style. No exercise bands or biceps curls here! We are all about bodyweight  exercises with a little TRX training thrown in for good measure. Push ups, stair running, and bear-crawls in the sand pit are staples in our camps. Hard work, fun, and fitness all rolled into one!

  Think your up for the challenge? Contact us to reserve a slot for a free test drive. You won’t regret it... WE GUARANTEE IT!!!

“Taking aim at your exercise goals!”

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