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 Our BOOT CAMPS are all 60 minutes in length and, for the most part, are completed outdoors. Nearly all exercises are completed with bodyweight only. Beginning in August and continuing through October,our classes are specifically programmed to assist participants preparing individuals for obstacle races such as Tough  Mudder, Spartan Race, and The Battlegrounds.
  This program will be progressive in nature but participants of all levels can join at any point in their training and we will adjust the class accordingly to meet the needs of each person.

 The fact of the matter is, to achieve results you must continue challenge yourself with new tasks. That is what our programs specialize in at Assault Fitness. If you want a challenge then give one a try. The first one is on us!

Obstacle racing and Tactical preparation BOOT CAMPS

Each 60 minute class includes a 5 minute warm up as well as a 5 min stretch/ cool down. However, it’s what is in-between those two that counts... That’s the fun part, but you have to attend one to see it for yourself!!!


All class are purchased “pay as you go”

Due to the class setting, we require each attendee reserve a slot in advance to ensure manageable class sizes. Failure to cancel this slot 24 hours prior to the class will result in forfeiting that class.

Monday Class: 6 am @ Faust Park,


Tuesday Class: 5 pm @ Faust Park Chesterfield (upon request)

Wednesday Class: 6 am @ Faust Park Chesterfield

Thursday Class: 5 pm @ Faust Park Chesterfield


-Saturday Class:

8 am @ To Be Announced
  (Creve Coeur/ West County area)

-Call to reserve a slot

- Additional class times available by appointment

Mail: a Slot Classes